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How much does it cost to build a website?

If you have never invested in a website to take advantage of online leads and business then is is probably a question you have asked or want answered. The answer is it very much depends on what you need. For example an e-commerce site will be more expensive that a website advertising a service. In addition, an e-commerce site will require more work from you, whereas a standard website depicting your business and its services can often be managed on your behalf. The scond part of the answer is, building a website is probably less expensive than you have imagined and in terms of upfront costs, with a Pay Monthly Website from SitePros, there is nothing to pay, just a low monthly charge.

Websites for electrical businesses and electricians

If you have an electrical business or you are a self-employed electrician and you haven't got a website you are missing a trick. But, if you are reading this, then you probably already know that. There are many reasons business people don't have websites this can include; the fact that it is a new business and you haven't got around to it, you have been put off by the high upfront costs or maybe you don't feel you are tech savvy enough to go through the steep learning curve. But there is an alternative, Pay Monthly Websites for Electricians

Should I update my website

If your website is more than a couple of years old and hasn't been updated then it is possible, perhaps probable that it could be faster and may not be fully responsive, that is to say that it renders as well on a mobile device as a desktop PC. Both can affect your search engine rankings. You can have a great website, highly optimised but, if it is slow or renders poorly on moile devices you will receive penalties by the search engines. They want fast, accessible content for all devices.

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Our entire mission is to make a website presence a reality for all by getting rid of the upfront costs and introducing a low, all inclusive, monthly fee. 

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