What's in a page?

A brief explanation of pages and what they would normally include

We don't expect all our visitors to know what is normally included on a page. Quick explanations...

Home Page:

This is arguably your most important page, therefore it is important to include key information about your business, products/services, what locations you serve, your company name. It doesn't have to be exhaustive because this can be included on other pages (see sample websites here) but it helps to add terms which users are likely to use when they are searching for products or services that you are offering. Good quality images also help make a site. Please make sure you own the copyright to the images. Use your own or purchase stock images from reputable sources online.

In brief: 

  • The name of your company and contact number
  • Description of your business
  • Information about what products or services you offer
  • The areas, locations or regions you serve
  • Other 'key' information that searchers may use to find your business
  • Relevant images and your logo if available

About Us Page:

This page offers you the opportunity to expand on information about your business and may include more details on your products and services as well as providing an insight into your business history, personal experience and so on. Once again you can list the region you supply your services or products to. Images which include samples of your work or products would also add impact to this page. This is the page where you really sell your business in the broadest sense. You can use a separate products or services page to expand on these subjects. This is the page where you sell your services or products.

In brief: 

  • Sell your business, experience and why people should use you
  • Include broad details of your services or products
  • Highlight what makes your business unique
  • Include any information on qualifications, memberships or associations
  • State areas, regions, towns or cities where you offer a service or product
  • Add a 'Call to Action', at this stage you need to let your visitor know what they need to do next to engage your services


Image Gallery Page:

It is said that a "picture paints a thousand words". With the obvious caveat that search engines need words to aid those looking for relevant results, images matter. Whether you are offering a product or service, including images allows your users to get a feel for what you are offering. A plumber may include images of a fitted bathroom suite whilst someone selling widgets may include a range of colours, shapes or sizes.  Images galleries (see sample page) can be a simple animated series of images or images supported by text. In other words, whatever is most appropriate for your business, there is no right or wrong way of displaying your wares. Images with relevant copy (text) however, will assist users searching for the products or services you are offering.

In brief: 

  • Decide what type of gallery you want, images only, images with a title and/or images with a detailed description
  • Add as many good images as you can (make sure you own the copyright, don't be tempted to 'borrow' images from the internet)
  • Decide if you want to allow users to scroll through images or to automate the scroll. Alternatively you can opt for a 'brochure like' page with images and text alongside. 
  • An alternative to an image gallery is to have an online brochure which can be downloaded. If you already have a brochure, the chances are your creative people will have it in a PDF format, all you need to do is ask for a copy and let us have it. We will let you know if it is technically possible.

Contact Form:

We will include a simple 'Contact Form' as part of our package price. This form does not count towards your "pages" because it is provided free of charge. The standard Contact Form will ask for your customers name, email address, the subject and include a space for the message. There is also a simple number question to reduce the number of SPAM messages. The form will be sent to the email address you specify to us. Typically youremail@yoursite.co.uk. You can also use your email address as a contact method if you wish but this may lead you open to more unwanted SPAM messages.

If you need a more complex Contact Form this can be provided. However, there may be a small, additional monthly charge which would depend on the complexity of the form. There are a myriad of options here so it is impossible to be more accurate but think in terms of £1-£3 per month or opt for a one-off charge.

In brief: 

  • A simple Contact Form is included with every package and is not included in your page count
  • More complex Contact Forms can be created if required with a small additional monthly charge applying depending on the complexity
  • Simple Contact Forms include senders name, senders email address, subject and a message area
  • Contact Forms are sent directly to your chosen email address.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):

This page doesn't really need an introduction or explanation therefore we will keep it brief.

If your customers tend to ask the same type of questions and you want to save time, a FAQ's section can pay dividends. However, you may also decide that you want an early interaction with prospective customers and encourage them to contact you directly, whatever works for your business.

All we need is the Question and Answer, an the order you want the questions in. We will do the rest. You can see an example by looking at our own Frequently Asked Questions page. Or take a look at a small selection of our website designs.

In brief: 

  • You Questions and the Answer
  • The order you want your Questions listed

Products/Services Page:

This page is perfect for listing your products and services. This can be as simple or as complex as you wish, but remember it needs to flow and be easy to read. 

As plumber may highlight the fact that they offer Emergency Plumbing Services 24/7 in one section of their services and plumbing for washing machines from £75 in another. 

A business offering windows may list the different types, include information of whether they offer repairs and refurbishments and may choose to focus on a speciality, for example conservatories. Similarly specialities such as this can be included on Focus (Target) pages. 

In brief: 

  • Highlight your top rated/most popular product or service first
  • Expand on an specialities where more explanation or information is warranted. You can also use 'Targeted' or 'Product Specific' pages to add further impetus to lines you specialise in or want to push, or areas/regions you want to target your services towards. See below for further information on these pages.
  • List all those products or services you believe your visitors will search for and where you can meet their need
  • If you only serve specific areas then it would be helpful to include that in this section
  • Include any accolades, memberships, approved supply/distribution arrangements you have in place. Remember, you are marketing your business to people who probably don't know you.
  • Important: Don't worry about repeating something that is elsewhere in your website. Don't be tempted to 'copy and paste' but equally don't be shy to continue shouting about what you do, what you offer, or what you supply. 

Specialty/Targeted Pages:

Some business need to produce pages which target specific areas, products or services. Whilst these can be covered in your Home page, About Us page or Product/Service pages in terms of presentation this can be lost and in terms of internet searches this can be to broad to have the desired effect. 

For example an electrician may want to target additional towns, cities or regions and a target page could achieve this by, for example, focusing on a town and the surrounding villages requiring electrical services. A unisex hairdresser operating in one town may want to separately target male and female customers by focusing on different styles, features and services. In this example, few people would search for a 'unisex hairdresser' so targeting men's and women's hairdressing services could pay dividends. 

Similarly, a carpenter that specialises in supplying and building bespoke conservatories may want to focus on this service. Once again, someone looking for a conservatory may not necessarily think of looking for a carpenter. Focus pages help aid search and therefore deliver more traffic to your site and the specific pages you have created. 

These pages can be included with your 10 page maximum on our Standard Package or can be added at £2 per page, per month for our smaller Starter Package. Find out more about our shopping sites in: E-Commerce Websites

In brief: 

  • Target specific towns, cities or regions. To maximise impact, add one page per town or city.
  • If you operate within one town or region, then targeted pages could be used to highlight each service offered in the town. For example a building services company may target electrical, plumbing, carpentry and tiling services individually into each town.
  • Include images to reinforce your message. Ideally use your own images, if not, you can purchase 'stock photos' from specialist suppliers online. Make sure they are licensed for web publishing.
  • If you write your copy (text) for each target, we will complete some simple SEO (search engine optimisation) to maximise your chances of being seen by your target market. This is part of our service. 
  • Remember, no-one can guarantee that your website or pages will be indexed at the top of the search engines. However, by following the rules offered up by the search engines, it is possible to give you a good chance. Much, however, can also depend on the level of competition in your sector. Good SEO and a little patience can pay dividends. 

Starter Package

Perfect for your first website and can be expanded as and when. Includes up to 3 pages and a Contact Form for just £25 per month, plus £2pm per additional page.

Standard Package

This is our most popular package at just £35 per month, with 10 pages as standard and a Contact Form this can easily offer enough content the 80% of websites.

E-Commerce Package

Not all e-Commerce websites are appropriate and some can end up too complex for user admin. Much depends on how many products are being offered. Ours start at £55pm.

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