Why do anything?

Doing nothing is an option, but what have you go to lose from looking a little further...

Of course you don't need to do anything, but if any of the following covers your situation then it may be worth reconsidering!!

New, Pay Monthly Website

I have never invested in a website

You are in good company. Some 1.9 million small and medium business have yet to get online even though UK research suggests that small, single employee businesses could gain nearly £20,000 of additional revenues each year from having a website. There could be any number of reasons, confusion in relation to the technology, the relatively high cost of having a website designed and built from scratch, a lack of time and so on. The list is virtually endless. View some Sample Websites.

However, with a low cost, pay monthly website you can be online quickly, we will walk to through the process without the jargon and there are no upfront fees (unless you want specific functionality). You can start small and build from there. Our pay monthly websites start at just £25 per month or pay a little more (£35 per month) and benefit from a larger, 10 page website.

We have made the process easy, jargon free and inexpensive. 

DIY Websites, Self Build Websites

I built my own website

Well, there is nothing wrong with that and it is certainly better than having no presence! However, if you are looking around the chances are you know it could be improved, perhaps with a little professional help? Build your own websites have their place but those people that are serious about their business and want to get visitors to their site need to think about a bespoke website built on a decent platform. 

DIY websites have limitations and you are really not getting the opportunity to appreciate what a good website can do for your business. In fact, DIY websites are often on shared platforms with hundreds or even thousands of similar sites and some have limited functionality meaning that getting found on the internet is not always a given.

Our low cost, pay monthly websites provide you with an opportunity to experience better results and performance without huge upfront costs.

Old Websites, CobWebs

I already have a website, but it's a bit dated...

This is not an unusual situation. Websites which haven't been managed or regularly updated are often referred to quite disparagingly as cobwebs. The reality is technology moves on in leaps and bounds and the internet is no exception. Something that was fast and relevant a couple of years ago may be slow, irrelevant and dated today.

With a low cost, pay monthly website you will benefit from a website which is responsive and works on desktops, tablets and mobiles. It will be built on the latest web platforms and the technology will be managed regularly and updated by us without charge. You will also benefit from a modern, fast website which benefits search.

Think of it as a respray and new engine for you car. It will look, better, run faster and make YOU feel good.

We can even transfer the images and/or copy (text) from your existing website if you prefer. Or, you could take the opportunity to update the copy and images used. We can also add functionality to your site if you wish. Take a look at our pay monthly website prices.

About company

Our entire mission is to make a website presence a reality for all by getting rid of the upfront costs and introducing a low, all inclusive, monthly fee. 

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