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The options are almost endless...

Deciding what your website needs is dependent on your type of business, but here are a few options...

Few business are the same and for this reason, the build of your website needs to be considered based on what you offer and your assessment of what will appeal to your audience.

An introduction (Home) page is a given and this will likely include some copy (text) which will serve as an introduction to your business and a few images to support your message. Then you may want to consider a page that attempts to persuade a visitor why they should come to you, this would typically take the form of an About Us page. Depending on what you are promoting a service business (such as a plumber) may want to list their services whilst a hairdresser may want an image gallery of hairstyles. With a Contact Us form or email address this could form the basics of a website. Text and images for the Home Page and About Us Page are virtually limitless! View some sample websites.

Other businesses may want to have a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) and this can form part of the website page makeup. This is certainly a good way of dealing with technical issues or complex offerings and will likely limit the number of repeated questions. If you have videos of your product or another form of work in action then you can have a page dedicated to these elements. If a simple contact form doesn't work for you, then we can create a custom for for you. This can ask a series of questions and will be sent to you via email. Questions can be set to mandatory or optional. These form can be time consuming therefore an additional monthly or one-off charge may be incurred so, consider if this is desirable rather than necessary feature.

Rather than a full blown e-commerce site (shopping site) you can opt to use a shopping cart only. This is ideal where you only have a few options available to purchase online. Detailed below is a (not an exhaustive) selection of the most common page elements of a pay monthly website.

  • Home, About Us, One Additional Page and a Contact Form as a minimum
  • Our Services/Products, Image or Video Galleries and Frequently Asked Questions
  • Bespoke Online Forms for submission (may be subject to additional charge)
  • Service or Product Price pages
  • Small Shopping Cart or full-blown E-Commerce site depending on need or range

It is impossible to provide an example of all the options open to those wanting to have their first website and we would recommend not getting too bogged down in the detail. Don't try and create a masterpiece when, at least initially, a sketch will do! You can start small with a 3 page website or a little larger with up to 10 pages. If you are unsure, we would recommend you opt for the 'Starter' package and then when it is up and running decide, in your own time and based on your feedback and experience what other elements could support your website.  

Take a look at a small selection of our website designs.

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