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Design websites Domestic Appliance Repairs

Design & Build websites for Domestic Appliance Repair

If you are starting or have an existing business providing repairs and servicing for domestic appliances then a website is a must. If you have an existing websites then ask yourself if it is fulfilling its original goals, is it modern, fast and functional. A website that served you well a few years ago is unlikely, unless it has been regularly updated, to serve you well today. 

Websites for pubs, restaurants and cafes

Pay Monthly Websites - Coffee Shops and Cafe's

If you have a bar, cafe, restaurant or pub then you don't need a website right? After all, you having passing trade, recommendations and regulars? If you are really lucky that may be true, but lets be honest, we can all do with some extra trade and enticing people that have not yet experienced your offerings is incremental. With people constantly moving in and out of aareas, not everyone is going to know why your restaurant, bar, pub or cafe is worth visiting.

Free Websites for Charity

Free websites for UK Registered Charities

If you have a new or a small UK registered charity and you need to create a new website (or replace one) then look no further. SitePros are offering to design, build and host up to 10 charity websites each year. No catch, no trial period, just a free service.

eCommerce: Website Design & Build

When you are considering a shopping based website (e-Commerce site) it can be a little daunting, not least because of the potential costs and the options available. SitePros UK want to convince you that there is a way to have your cake and eat it! How?  An eCommerce site build for you, managed by SitePros UK and no upfront costs (other than specific module add-ons), just a simple monthly fee. 

Pay Monthly Websites - Cleaning Businesses (Domestic & Commercial)

Whilst most Domestic and Commercial cleaning firms have traditionally built their businesses on 'word of mouth', recommendations and by canvassing...the internet allows access to a much wider audience with considerable less effort. As for how much, well....with a Pay Monthly Website for Cleaning Businesses there are no upfront charges, just a simple, low monthly fee starting at just £25. 

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Our entire mission is to make a website presence a reality for all by getting rid of the upfront costs and introducing a low, all inclusive, monthly fee. 

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