One Page Websites, are they best for you?

There are many benefits from utilising a one page website. It can include plenty of content and is great for mobiles.

One of the more popular choices for website design today is the 'One Page Website', but is it right for you?

Website Design QuestionsFor a fast, fluid and mobile friendly website a one page website is perfect. The page will have 'sections' that would normally be on separate pages which makes the flow easier and, of course, that page will be "content rich" which is an excellent method of maximising the impact of that page.

However, if visitors aren't to get too bombarded with lines and lines of text, the sections need to be shorter and punchier. This isn't always a bad thing given we all have a natural tendency to write an essay rather than highlighting and focusing on the things that matter to your visitors. 

As with normal 'page type' sites you can still include subjects such as 'about us', your services, images and a contact form. However, instead of having individual pages, these will have 'section' within the main page. Visitors can still click on links but, instead of going to a different page, they will 'jump' to the relevant section on the main page. You can View a sample ONE PAGE website by following this link and selecting Style 14 from the dropdown menu. You can still have additional pages, the aforementioned sample site has a Booking Form which is on a different page. 

With a more traditional page based website you can do a little more. Each page can be set up to focus on a product, service and/or area you want to target. For example you may want to target Rugby for MOT Services or Leicester for BMW Service & repairs. Different pages allow you to use keywords to target specific areas, products and services in a way that a single page website would not. Every business is different so there really is no wrong way just, perhaps, a better way.

If you are unsure, speak to us. Our advice is free, our Pay Monthly Websites start at just £25 per month for a single page/5 page website or £35 for a 10 page website. Our charges include the design, build and hosting of your website. In addition, we will provide free page edits and provide you with personalised email address whcih can accessed using a mail programme on your computer or via the web. 

Take a look at a small selection of our website designs.

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