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All the benefits of a bespoke/turn key shopping websites without the upfront cots. Pay monthly e-commerce sites

If you need to have an e-Commerce site designed and built? Let's be honest, there is no shortage of options or alternatives.


Bespoke E-Commerce Website Build- From £5,000 plus Hostingdesign and build shopping websites

You can opt to have your website designed and build from scratch by employing a website designer. There is a great way to go but it can cost several thousand pounds, depending on the size, complexity and functionality you want on your site. A reasonable budget for a typical e-commerce website designed from the ground up would start at around £5,000. Don't forget to budget for the hosting and ongoing management of your website. Content such as new products will be your responsibility.


DIY e-Commerce Website Platforms (From £23 per month to £230)

Another alternative is to go to one of the e-commerce website building sites. These are DIY sites where you build your own website using existing templates and having your site hosted on their website. There is nothing wrong with these sites and, if you have the time, they are an inexpensive alternative to paying thousands of pounds to a web designer.

Even though these specialist build your own e-commerce platforms are relatively uncomplicated they can hardly be considered simple for anyone that is not familiar with websites and how they go together. However, with perseverance, you could have a decent website. There is an argument, not without merit, as to whether you should concentrate on your core business products or diversify into areas that are not familiar to you. Each to their own!

The typical monthly cost is £25 for a basic site, £60 for a 'typical' e-commerce site through to £230. There will also be a transaction fee charges in most cases for processing payments.Pay Monthly Websites in the UK


Pay Monthly Websites - 'Typical' E-Commerce Site from £55 Per Month)

Perhaps the best of both worlds is to combine the expertise of a professionally designed and built website with the budget friendly monthly costs of shopping platforms providing build you the opportunity to build your own e-commerce site. SitePros UK do just that! We will design and build your website using existing templates but taking account of your design input.


Your website will be fast and fluid and will render perfectly regardless of platform, desktop, tablet or mobile. We will set up your shipping prices and preferred payment provider. Note, some payment providers will require specific modules or software and this may have an upfront costs, typically around £30.


If you provide us with your Categories, Sub-Categories, Images and Descriptions in an Excel format we will import these into your shopping site and ensure they are working correctly. Failing which we can set up a few categories and sub-categories and then show you how to add them yourselves. This is useful because it allows you to add or remove products at will, changes prices and so on.


We will optimise the website for your market and demonstrate how this can be completed for individual pages. The main website can be either a 'single page' where visitors jump to relevant sections or as separate pages (See: Whats in A Page) providing the same information. With more and more people using mobile devices, the single page website is becoming the number one choice because it offers a fluid experience for the visitor. Of course, if you prefer, your site can be limited to an e-commerce site meaning that there isn't anything standing in the way of your visitors getting straight into shopping mode.


You can View a sample ONE PAGE e-Commerce website by following this link and selecting Style 13 from the dropdown menu. This example is for a book store but the product sets are endless. Remember, if you are only offering a few products, you may not need a full-blown e-commerce website. In fact, you would probably not want to go this way. Instead, you could add a 'shopping cart' to a standard website which would allow you to optimise pages for specific products or product sets. Perfect if you have a story to tell or a need to sell or explain your product.


If you want to go this route, then one of our other standard packages may be better for you but with a 'cart' added. See below for further information or visit our Pricing Page.


If you are unsure, speak to us. Our advice is free, our Pay Monthly Websites start at just £25 per month for a single page/5 page website or £35 for a 10 page website. Our charges include the design, build and hosting of your website. In addition, we will provide free page edits and provide you with personalised email address which can accessed using a mail programme on your computer or via the web. 


Take a look at a small selection of our website designs.

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