Free Design, Build & Hosting for UK Based Charities.

If you have a small charity or a newly registered charity we will design, build and host your website free of charge. No catches!

As part of our programme to give something back we are offering to Design, Build and Manage up to 10 websites for UK charities each year...

What's the catch?

Well, quite simply, there isn't one. This is not an offer for a free trial or just the hosting of your website. It is an offer to build your UK based registered charity a website, then to host it and manage it. All you need to provide is the domain name (ownership and responsibility will always vest with your charity) and the images, text and format of your site. 

You can chose from one of our templates and we will then edit the template to ensure that it fits with your charities identity. Here is what we will provide.

In brief: 

  • Design of your charity website with your input based on a standard template
  • The building of your website with content provided by you
  • Hosting of your website
  • Up to 10 personalised email addresses (
  • Fast SSD Servers
  • SSL (Green Padlock)
  • Fully responsive website suitable for desktops, tablets and mobile
  • Integration of a 'Donation' page (if required)
  • Up to 20 Pages

Are there any conditions?

In a word...yes! But they are not too onerous and are designed to protect your charity and to ensure that we offer our free service to those most in need.

You charity must be registered in the UK and it should either be a small charity or a new charity. Our contention is that more established charities will be generating sufficient income to pay for the design, build and ongoing maintenance of their own websites. We are happy to discuss a 'paid for' service for more established charities utilising our pay monthly website product.

You will need to provide your own domain (website address) and pay for annual renewals. This is to ensure that the responsibility and the management of the charity domain always vests with the charity. 

In addition, we will need you to provide us with an outline of how you want to website set up. For example, the subject matter for each page, images, description and so on. You will also need to confirm that you have the "rights" to any images you will be using. Responsibility for the content and images in terms of any potential copyright infringements will always vest with the charity. Please view our advice here.

We will not build websites specifically for charity events. However, it is possible to add pages to an existing website in support of charity events and we will provide advice on how this can be done by someone at your charity.

What we need from you: 

  • You charity number, name, mission and trustees
  • Domain name for charity
  • Logo, primary colours and rough outline of the design
  • What pages you want set up. About the charity, supporters, trustees, mission etc
  • Physical address and contact numbers for the charity
  • Images, Content and Action Points for each page
  • Images for gallery if required
  • Additional requirements such as a 'Donations Page' if required
  • Names for email addresses
  • If a Blog page is required. Hosted by us, administered by the charity


Is there anything else we need to know?

We reserve the right to refuse to provide our free service to any charity without giving a reason or explanation. We have a maximum of 10 sites we can provide in any given year. 

Your charity will always own the content and images but not the website. It will be your responsibility to secure a domain name and then to arrange for that domain to 'point' to our servers once your website is up and running. We can assist with this aspect if you prefer.

In the event we receive any copyright infringement claims these will immediately be referred to you. If we receive a 'take down' notice we will act on it until the issue is resolved between the claimed rights holder and your charity. This is to protect us and you from potential litigation.

If you want to move to a 'pay monthly service' in the future we are more than willing to accomodate that request. Similarly, if you decide to set up a new website with another host you can do so at will and take copies of your content for the new website. If, for any reason, we are no longer able to offer a free service, we will 'zip' your entire website and provide you with this file which will allow you to transfer the site in it's entirety to another host with minimal or no disruption of service.

We reserve the right to highlight the fact that we are providing a free service for your charity and you agree that we can do so.

If you are interested in our free offer, please complete our online form by using the button below.

Free Website Design

We will design your website using existing templates but with your charities identity in mind. Ownership and responsibility for the content will always vest in the charity.

Free Website Build

We will build your website using your colours, logo and identity utilising text and images provided by you. Typical website builds take 2 weeks.

Free Hosting

We will host and manage your website ensuring that is is always up to date and relevant. We will also provide a limited number of email addresses

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Our entire mission is to make a website presence a reality for all by getting rid of the upfront costs and introducing a low, all inclusive, monthly fee. 

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