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Modern, fluid, fast and professional websites designed and built for garages involved in servicing, repairs and MOT's.

Inexpensive websites for your garage business; Service, Repairs, MOT's and Performance Tuning

Even if you have an existing website featuring your business, ask yourself this? Is it delivering what you expected, is it looking a little dates, perhaps too slow or maybe it doesn't render very well on a mobile phone or tablet? All of these issues are good reasons to consider a change or update of your website. However, you are probably thinking that this will cost you an arm and a leg, just like last time! Well lets clear that up right now, our pay monthly websites cost from just £25 per month for a 5 page website (quite enough for most sites) or £35 per month for a 10 page website with NO upfront costs. Now can we get down to business?

Garage WebsitesNew businesses and existing ones need a modern, fast and flexible website to ensure they maximise the potential business out there. With a little bit of effort in terms of providing some copy and images, we can help with the copy if necessary, you can have a brand new website online within a couple of weeks, sometimes quicker. If you want a custom enquiry form or a booking form built, we can do that as well. No upfront charges, just a £2 per month charge. You can see a sample of a 'Garage Site with Booking Form' by following this link: Select Style 14 from the dropdown box. . 

Lets get into the nitty gritty; our Pay Monthly Websites include everything from the design, to the building of your website and then, once your site is ready to go, we will include the cost of hosting your website, managing it and adding SSL (the green lock seen in web browsers) ensuring you will not be penalised by the search engines for this issue. You will also have your own domain (UK domain registration and renewals are included in the price) and your own email addresses. No more Gmail addresses for you!

We will also complete some introductory Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) which will include using key words which are picked up by search engines to describe your business and the areas you cover. The sample website is a 'one page' site, this limits provides benefits in terms of the speed and flow of your website, especially on mobile devices, but it does limit the opportunity to have service specific pages. For example if you wanted to separate a garage business by targeting services, MOT's, body repairs, mechanical repairs and so on. In this case you would be better to have a multi-page site. 

Now remember, you probably started out thinking this is going to be expensive so let us remind you that the monthly charges start at just £25 for a 5 page website, more than enough for most businesses. This can be increased as and when you need it at a cost of just £2 per month, per page or you can upgrade to a 10 page website for just £35 per month.

Take a look at a list of the inclusive services we provide below.
  • Fixed monthly, all inclusive charge, starting at just £25 per month (5 Pages)
  • Free design and build of your website using standard framework
  • Personalised email address;
  • Your own unique website address;
  • Unlimited text and image updates. Monthly maintenance, management and back up of your website
  • Website optimised for your service and locality (Simple SEO)

With a Pay Monthly Website your costs are predictable and you can relax in the knowledge that your website will be updated and maintained by real professionals. You can also relax in the knowledge that no matter what size site you opt for initially, you can still grow your site as and when you need with a low 'per page' monthly cost. 

Designs can vary to suit your business image. As indicated above, we have already produced an example of a Car Repairs and Servicing website which you can view. Select this link and head to Demo 14. This particular website includes a Booking Form as an example of what can be achieved. There is no cost for building this form but there is a charge of £2 per month for continued use.

If you need something more bespoke we can do that as well. 

Get on the Internet with a Pay Monthly Website

Whether you want to go all in and have us just Design and Build your website or you want to opt for our Pay Monthly Website service, we can have your website online within a couple of weeks so long as you know what you want to achieve. Why wait? A little bit of effort creating your copy (text) and finding some suitable images could be paying dividends in no time at all! Take a look at a small selection of our website designs.

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Our entire mission is to make a website presence a reality for all by getting rid of the upfront costs and introducing a low, all inclusive, monthly fee. 

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