Frequently Asked Questions

Your most commonly asked questions answered

Frequently Asked Questions

In the spirit of being completely open about what we offer we have detailed below the most commonly asked questions. If we haven't covered the aspect or issue you want to know about, let us know using our contact form

  • Can I use my existing website address?

    Yes. We can transfer your website URL to our own servers and build you a new site from there.

  • Does your price include a website address?

    Yes. If you don't have your own URL we will secure one for you and provided it is a address ( we will annual renewals in your subscription price.

  • Will I have my own email addresses?

    Yes. Even with our budget package you can have to 3 email addresses ( You can use these with a normal email programme such as Microsoft Outlook or via Webmail using a web interface.

  • Does your monthly price include the website design?

    Yes. We will customise an existing template to meet the needs of your business and use the copy (text) and images provided by you.

  • What is your cheapest Package Deal?

    Our 'Starter Pack' is just £25.00 per month and includes 3 pages and a Contact Form. The 3 pages will typically be our Home page, an About Us page and an additional page which could be an Images Gallery, Services or Products page. But really it is up to you. 

  • Can I start with a smaller website and build on it?

    Yes, of course. If this is your first foray into having a website presence then we encourage you to opt for our 'Starter Package' or 'Standard Package' which can be expanded and developed as and when you need to.

  • Can I change or update my website?

    The best websites are evolving all the time. Our pay monthly subscriptions includes unlimited updates of text and images. Some of our packages such as our E-commerce sites allow you to complete your own editing.

  • Are there any Setup Fees?

    The design of your website is included in the pay monthly subscription. If you want something very specific such as a bespoke online form (questions, answers and submission) this is considered on a case by case basis and could be part of the monthly subscriptions or based on a one-off charge. 

  • Do you host my site?

    Yes. Our monthly subscriptions include hosting, routine maintenance of your website, backups and an SSL certificate (the green padlock seen in the address bar).

  • Will my website work on mobile devices?

    All of our websites are fully responsive. That is to say they will display correctly irrespective of the device. Desktop, Mobile and Tablet.

  • Will my site be visible in Search Engines

    We will submit your website to the major Search Engines free of charge. As a rule your website will be visible within a few days. Don't expect miracles in the first few months. Newly registered websites rarely feature at the top of the search engines. 

  • Where will my site be positioned in Search Engines?

    Contrary to what some Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) specialists will have you believe no guarantees can be provided. In addition, Search Engines frequently change their algorithms and this can affect position positively or negatively. 

    If your product or service is targeting a specific locality your chances of a good position is much higher. We complete basic SEO which includes using keywords or search terms in your web page title, description and copy (text). Take a look at our Getting Noticed section for more information. 

  • What images can I use on my website?

    It is best to use your own images. Images found on the internet are generally subject to copyright and this is invariably the case if they are being used on a commercial site. Image owners can be quite aggressive if they find their images are being used without their consent and some will issue proceedings without notice. 

    If you don't have any of your own images then consider using a paid image site such as Shutterstock (there are many others) where you can choose 5 images for under £30. If you provide us with images that are subject to copyright then you accept full responsibility for any copyright infringements. Our advice is play fair and play safe!

  • How do I write copy for my website?

    No-one knows your business, product, services or market better than you. However if you are really struggling we will try and assist. If you want us to write copy then we can do this provided you give us the basics. There may be a small upfront charge for this service. Alternatively there are copyrighting services available online. 

  • I already have a website, can you manage and host it for me?

    Yes we can. The monthly charge will depend on the type and size of site and if any work is needed. If it is just hosting and providing email services, then the cost would be just £10 per month. Alternatively, we can building you a new responsive site and use some or all of the text and images contained on your current site.

  • Can you update my existing website?

    Probably! But why bother, unless you are particularly attached to it, why not use the images and copy in a brand new, fully responsive website? 

  • Can I include my Facebook and Twitter addresses on the website?


  • Can you guarantee that my website will top the Search Engines?

    To be quite blunt...No! For that matter, in spite of some of the claims, no-one can guarantee your website will be at the top of the search results. Much depends on the level of competition in your area, the age of your site, how well it is optimised and how the search engines change or update their algorithms to prevent manipulation of search results. 

    We will ensure that your website and pages are optimised for the product or service you are offering. We use legitimate methods and with a little patience these will pay dividends. Instant results happen sometimes, but rarely. Our package and work ensures that all the various ingredients come together to maximise your chance of getting indexed and found.

  • Can I see some Website Designs?

    Yes, of course, take a look at a small selection of our website designs.

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