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Hve your coffee shop website design and built by professionals without the high upfront costs. Starts at just £25 per month.

If you want to maximise business for your Coffee Shop you need a modern, fast and effective website.

Not all coffee shop owners consider a website presence necessary and have failed to embrace the concept. There can be many reasons for this and may include the anticipated cost of doing so, a lack of time, a belief that getting a return on the investment is unlikely or that a 'bricks and mortar' presence is sufficient. 

All of these reasons may have some merit but there is also a misconception about perceived costs, benefits and returns and we will seek to dispel these.

Firstly, here at SitePros UK we understand that having spend hundreds, if not thousands of pounds having a bespoke website designed and built is one significant factor in owners' reluctance to opt for a website. Moreover, with ongoing costs for site maintenance, website hosting and updates it can look like a bottomless pit. We have dealt with this by offering an 'all in' pricing model.Website Design and Build for Coffee Shop

A 5 page website, plus Contact Form is the perfect size for most coffee shops and our pricing model means that the monthly cost will be just £25. This would include, the design and build of the website, the hosting and maintenance of the site and provision of your own email addresses. You can view the full description of our service by visiting our Pay Monthly Website - Pricing Page

Of course, you can opt for a slightly larger website if you wish with each additional page costing just £2 per month or take advantage of a 10 page website for £35 per month. This may be helpful if you want to include an image gallery or where you provide other options such as ice creams, sandwiches, pastries and so on. Most customers opt for a 5 page website and build it up as and when they are ready and we are more than happy to accommodate any coffee shop owner that prefers this option.

Other functionality can be included if you so desire. You could, for example, allow visitors to order online, add a questions and answers section or even add a simple online shop offering your coffee beans for example. These will incur additional costs but, these are monthly and do not normally require an upfront investment. You can view some of our page options here: Website Page Functionality.

Worth noting is some 73% of consumers claim they use a mobile device to search and this is even higher for a younger demographic. Our websites are fully responsive and render as well on a mobile phone as they do on a tablet or computer. However, if you believe that most of your target market will use a mobile to locate your coffee shop, it may be worth optimising for a mobile user. For example, instead of having 5 pages, we can set up a single page website with a slightly condensed five pages available in sections on a single page. The advantage of this is the page easily flows without visitors having to move between pages and those that want specific information can still use the navigation to 'jump' to the relevant section on the single page. For example a visitor may just want to know where you are located or your contact details. They can choose to scroll through the page or jump to the section that interests them. Find out more about our One Page Websites.

Even if you have a website you need to consider if it is still relevant. Does it respond well on all devices (tablets, mobiles and desktops)? Does it render correctly on all browsers? Perhaps it is looking dated? A website is your shop window, your brochure. You wouldn't have dirty windows or outdated literature, the same rules should apply to your website. You can start with a completely clean sheet or if you prefer we can transfer some or all of your images and text to your new website. Then we will host and maintain it for you. 

You can view some of our templates on our Sample Website Page and there is also a pre-designed sample website for a coffee shop, simply select Style - Design 17 from the page link above.

We pride ourselves on being free of jargon, we see no point in over-complication the concept, design or delivery of a website so, if you want to know more, then contact us soon.

Get on the Internet with a Pay Monthly Website

We can have your website online within a couple of weeks so long as you know what you want to achieve. Why wait? A little bit of effort creating your copy (text) and finding some suitable images could be paying dividends in no time at all!

Take a look at a small selection of our website designs.

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Our entire mission is to make a website presence a reality for all by getting rid of the upfront costs and introducing a low, all inclusive, monthly fee. 

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