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A little about getting your website seen...

Deciding what your website needs is dependent on your type of business, but here are a few options...

SEOLet us not kid ourselves. There is a lot of competition out there and some organisations are spending many, many thousands of pounds in an attempt to get to the top of the search engine results. Some succeed, most do not, so there are no guarantees. In addition, search engines spend millions every year ensuring that their algorithms provide the most relevant results for searchers and to avoid blatant manipulation. But all is not lost and we will return to this shortly.

Having a website is akin to having a showcase or an online brochure which can be constantly updated without the cost of traditional print. In addition, it lends credibility to your business so, adding your website address to your business cards, letterheads, vehicles and so on will pay dividends. More than 30% of site visits are 'direct url' which means that your visitor already knows your website address. Getting at the other 70% requires a little more effort!

If you are the only organisation that offers widgets in Timbuktu then there is a more than evens chance that you will be at the top of the search engine results. In the real world there is a little more competition. Provided your expectations are realistic then it is possible to optimise for your niche, but when expectations are set at unrealistic levels such as gaining a mass market, then disappointment is just around the corner.

If you are a plumber operating within a 15 miles radius of Watford then that is what we use to promote your site. If you also serve outlying towns then it may be relevant to optimise additional pages, in this particular example that may include Radlett, Hemel Hempstead etc. You get the picture! SEO-SiteProsAnother example may be a business that is offering servicing and bodyshop repairs in Hemel Hempstead. You may want a specific page promoting bodyshop work and one pushing service and repairs. Without wishing to get too technical, this is completed by ensuring that the search engines can read the 'relevant' search terms within the page title, page description, url and keyword text. Its not rocket science and it provides the best opportunity of producing results.

There are other things that can make a difference and these include, but are not limited to; the words used in the URL for example may be better than Other aspects could be the load speed of the site (faster sites are better), the age of the domain and whether it is 'responsive' that is to say can be viewed on mobile platforms as well as personal computers, how often it is updated and so on.

It doesn't have to be a minefield and we will complete basic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) as part of our all inclusive package. This should be sufficient for those with realistic expectations. Enhanced SEO will be available for those that want better results at an extra cost but this is rarely necessary.

What we will do to give you the best chance of being seen...

  • Optimise your website page titles for your product or service
  • Where necessary include search terms which localise your service or product
  • Ensure that search terms and/or keywords are added to your copy (text)
  • Use keyword relevant URL's for example;
  • Submit your website to the main search engines
  • Keep your website up to date and optimised for speed

Finally, it is important to remind potential clients that we do not control the search engines, consequently we can offer no guarantees in terms of where your site will appear in the rankings. There are too many imponderables for anyone to do that with any certainty of success. Moreover, with constant changes in the algorithms of the search engines any early success may evaporate later. However, if you don't take a scattergun approach to your website marketing and optimisation, you have a much better chance of success. You will also need to be patient. Even if your website is perfectly optimised for your niche it may still take a few months before the search engines 'trust' the site. Anyone that says different is being at best, disingenuous!

Take a look at a small selection of our website designs.

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Well if the original definition was that no-one is so powerful that they can stop the march of time, then this could still be applied to those that have yet to embrace the power, opportunity and value of getting online as soon as possible. We have made it easier with our low pay monthly website bundles with no upfront costs.

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