Copyright Infringements - The Risks

Don't be tempted to use images found on the internet or to copy the text from other sites!

Don't be tempted to use images you find on the Internet...

Don't get caught out:

Whilst it may be tempting to find images for your website from the internet, we cannot stress enough the risks you run in terms of Copyright Infringement. You can find useful information here

Don't infringe copyrights

If you want to use images in your website, make sure you own the copyright, that is to say that they were created by you, or for you. Alternatively, you can purchase the rights to use images from organisations such as Shutterstock, 123RF, iStock etc. (we have no affiliation with these organisations, these are just a small selection of the larger 'stock photo' organisations). You can buy a bundle of images or just one or two. Please ensure that the image licence conditions permit commercial use on a website. Details are on their respective sites.

When you provide us with images you are providing us with an undertaking that you own or have obtained the rights to use the images. In the event that you have infringed the copyright of an individual or business this will be your sole responsibility. The financial penalties for copyright infringement can be quite expensive and it is simply not worth the risk. Even images that have been altered are still subject to the original authors copyright. 

If you are purchasing goods from a supplier then it is best practice to obtain written permission to use any of their images. There may be conditions attached so make sure you know what they are. 

When a copyright infringement is suspected we may be served with a 'take down' notice. We are obliged to comply with this unless or until you have confirmed ownership or license information for the image(s). Similarly, we are obliged to provide the details of the owner of the website and for the purpose of suspected copyright infringement this will be you.

The same rules apply to copy (text), don't be tempted to 'copy and paste' something from another website without written permission. Nor should you use the logos or trademarks of another company, even if they are one of your suppliers, without their written consent. 

These aren't our rules. We are emphasising this point to avoid you getting into hot water. Ignorance is not a defence when it comes to infringing the intellectual property rights of another individual or business. 

In brief: 

  • Don't be tempted to use images your find on other websites
  • Do consider purchasing 'stock' images for your website from a reputable 'stock photo' organisation
  • Don't copy text from other websites without written consent
  • Don't use logos or product images from your suppliers website without their written consent
  • Do use your own photographs or images
  • Don't alter an image from the internet in the hope it own't be recognised. It will!
  • Do understand that if you supply images that are found to have infringed someone else's copyright that you will be held responsible for the infringement.

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